What is Mechano-Aerospace Engineering?

Space station
Courtesy of JAXA

This Department of Mechano-Aerospace Engineering offers a broad and fundamental curriculum in mechanical engineering and related sciences.The program intends to help students to acquire physical understanding of mechanical engineering and sciences, and to encourage them to challenge unexplored areas symbolized by the space exploration.In addition to the three essentials of science and technology, namely, energy, materials, and systems, new and interdisciplinary areas of the engineering and sciences in extreme environments are emphasized. Although the problems and issues to which they are applied may change, the basic principles of mechanical engineering and sciences remain current and contemporary.The graduates are expected to acquire the capabilities to do research and development works, and they are well qualified to find activities in various branches of industries and research organizations to pursue high technology in such fields as new materials, energy systems, biomechanics, robotics, mechatronics, vehicular and aerospace engineering.


Last modified: 3 December,2002

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